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Remote Collection of operation conditions

The DPS System is a monitoring system providing the following operations:

  • Sensing, transferring and processing fault signals in real time
  • Data Archiving
  • Automatic remote signalization
  • Remote control over building signal
  • Failure Statistics
  • Remote access to required information

Modular structure of the system in connection with the comfortable operating program provides a user with optimum coverage of his/her requirements. Additionally it takes into consideration the global economic advantage and return of the system.

30The DPS System enables for example monitoring of following processes in real time:

  • Power supplying of premises
  • Access system to premises
  • Protection and alarm system
  • Temperature and humidity controls in premises
  • Technical features of machinery equipment
  • Temperature of filling in technological processes
  • And further required information

The DPS System also offers the possibility of remote control of signals:

  • Heating remote control
  • Lighting remote control
  • Remote disconnection function - e.g. power supply disconnection of premises in case of detecting failure

Characteristics collected in individual objects (e.g. in buildings or workshops) can be:

  • Logical (switched on/off)
  • Analogue (transferring the values of measured characteristics)
  • Digital (it depends on the sensors used)

The standard version is able to collect 1 to 1000 signals from one building, but it may be easily extended. The configuration of current version of DPS system offers connection of max. 16 objects to one collecting computer. The number of collecting computers connected to a central server (OP) is unlimited. All the data are stored in a history database. This history enables the user to check retrospective operation values, statistics of failures in the individual objects and if personal chip sensors are used, also retrospective check of interventions made by authorized as well as non-authorised persons.

We provide the following operations for the whole product range:

  • elaboration of design studies
  • development of products, including working out manufacturing documentation
  • technological preparation of manufacturing data
  • hardware production including application software
  • complete assembly works
  • complete customer service

Block diagram of the system: The following diagram shortly describes the basic construction of the system.