Bus stop-signs are inseparable parts of shelters in towns and cities. Various types of signs identify departure and arrival terminals at bus stations.

Types of signs:

  • OZ 0 - Bus-stop sign - suspension mounted
  • OZ 1 - Bus-stop sign - simple
  • OZ 2 - Bus-stop sign - with an advertising board
  • OZ 3 - Bus-stop sign - standard
  • OZ 4 - Bus-stop sign - triangular
  • OZ 5 - Bus-stop sign - with an illuminated time table


Picture:  Types of bus-stop signs

The range of signs includes signs with text boards. Outdoor text boards contain information system of individual public transport operators.

Individual types of signs are designed for public transport (buses, trolleys, tramways), railway transport, taxi stands, etc.

All types of marks can be coupled with e.g. operator´s logo, suitable type of litterbin, etc., upon customer´s request.