Bus stop shelters

Bus stop shelters belong to the facilities of cities and towns, shelters increase passengers comfort in urban transport. We offer wide line of bus stop shelters for urban development. Variable system of bus stop shelters consisting of a number of modules allows for various combinations, e.g. combinations with a vending kiosk or a phone booth. Bus stop shelters can be coupled with advertising boards or official notice boards. Basic equipment of each includes a bench and a timetable.

There are optional complements available :

  • advertising boards (city light)
  • Bus-stop signs
  • litterbins
  • shelter illumination
  • information boards

Variations upon the customer´s request.

Variable system of shelters :

  • A large number of modules (non-standard types), combinations with a vending kiosk or a phone-box, location of official notice boards or information boards outside the shelter.
  • Roof forms (transversal arch, longitudinal arch, flat roof, etc.)
A shelter with lon...
Flat roof
Transversal arch