Newborn Baby Care Products

Newborn Baby Care Products

SunnyBaby neonatal phototherapy protection mask

Blue  light  on  a  specific  frequency  is  an  essential  solution  for  the treatment  of  neonatal  jaundice,  but  unfortunately  irritates  and
damages the eyes of newborns and lead to insomnia.
SunnyBaby protective mask for neonatal phototherapy can effectively block  blue  light  and  a  variety  of  other  intense  radiation  and  thus supports the healthy growth and development of the young patient.



Sunnybaby diaper

Sunnybaby diaper Neonatal for neonatal phototherapy can stop blue-ray  and  other  kinds  of  strongly  visible  light.  It  offers  good protection to baby‘s gonad and avoids potentional gonadal damage.
Choice of four sizes (XS, S, M, L) in the design for premature babies and choice of two sizes (S, M) in the design for newborn babies.


Positioning accessories for newborns

•    Safe  positioning  of  preterm  and  newborn infants
•    Versatile    tool    specially    designed    for completely optimal positioning for the motoric development   of   infants   while   providing
maximum  natural  and  safe  environment, important for the psyche of newborns
•    Filled with beads, which can be easily moved to any portion to achieve the desired shape


Neonatal Elastic Cap
•  Suitable  for  heat  protection  of  newborn’s head
•  Made of high quality elastic spunlace non--woven cloth and other materials
•  It  is  soft,  comfortable,  safe,  non-irritating and absorb sweat
•  Protection  of  neonatal  head  fontanel  to avoid accidental injuries
•  May be used in combination with breathing apparatus (CPAP) for a better fixing of breathing pipes
•  Choice of three sizes (S, M, L)

Neonatal Arm-Board
•  Offers  best  protection  of  the  hand  or  foot during infusion treatment
•  It  prevents  bleeding  in  local  tissue  and vascular fibrosis by preventing the needles from puncturing the vein when the hand and foot moves abnormally
•  It can be adjusted from the angle of 0-45° in accordance with the patient’s comfort
•  It  is  combined  with  the  bendable  but  firm internal  aluminum  support  which  provides an ideal fit
•  The  soft  fabric  foam  cushion  improves comfort and protection
•  It  is  water-absorbent,  breathable,  without allergens and easy to use
•  Three size available (S, M, L) according to the size of the hand or foot

Neonatal Gloves and Shoes
•  It is made of high quality non-woven fabrics and other elastic material
•  Unique design
•  It is soft, comfortable and safe
•  With  the  help  of  ultrasonic  thermal  bonding technology,  it  can  effectively  prevent  neonatal baby’s finger from winding by the thread avoiding the risk of fingers necrosis
•  One size