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Coil & Transformer Production

Wound components options:

To match required values and final features, you can choose from following options.

Coil & Transformer...

Winding features

wire type - diameter from 0.05mm to 2.00mm, type LCUA, LCTA or specified by customer
winding insulation - made by varnished paper, cloth, fabric, insulating stripes, etc.
winding impregnation - treated by dipping (in mass specified by client), vacuum impregnation


outlets hardening - stranding, accessory stranded cable, auxiliary wire
outlets insulation - textile, silicon or PVC tube
terminals - terminal board with soldered tips, terminal board with mechanical fitted tips, free terminals, tips connected to the coil body pins

Electrical values

electric strenght - from 500 to 6000V
measured values - U, A,R,Z,ratio, turn to turn short circuit, symetry

Mechanical features

transformer core - stacked screwed core, stacked welded core
assembly features - with columns, angles or frames